The Secrets of Time Travel, Book 1 in the Trilogy by James J. Warchol
The Secrets of Time Travel is the first book of a trilogy. Two scientists, once friends but now bitter enemies, one helped by the forces of heaven and one by the forces of hell, frantically search for the same scientific secrets that in the wrong hands can be used to lead millions to eternal damnation

The need to find the secrets escalates as Sivvius, guided by his so-called friends from beyond, draws perilously close to finding the secrets first and using them for his evil cause. In the midst of the epic struggle, a supporting cast of highly eccentric scientists adds a delicious touch of zany humor, while one of them wants to use the secrets they unearth to help him find his long-lost love.
James Warchol grew up in Upstate New York, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management, with distinction, from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY in 1984. He then moved to North Texas to start his career. While in Texas, he met and married his soul mate and best friend Carmen.

James also received a Master of Science degree in Supply Chain Management at the University of San Diego, has traveled extensively as a spokesman for his company, and has been very active as a mentor and teacher both in the corporate arena and in his church life.

In the midst of his corporate career, James’s unquenchable passion for writing, combined with his interest in science and his love for God, provided him with substantial inspiration for his spiritual thriller.
Praise for the book from Paul D. McCarthy, New York Times hardcover bestselling author and editor of nine #1 New York Times bestselling authors, including Nelson DeMille, Clive Cussler and Stephen Coonts:

“With remarkable and rare imagination, originality, and dramatic and spiritual power, James Warchol creates in his novel a world which compels us to go more and more deeply into it, and journey with his characters on their epic and harrowing travels.

THE SECRETS OF TIME TRAVEL is so multi-dimensional in its aspects, themes, storylines, plots, and wondrous range of characters, that it’s more than a ‘quest’ novel, an epic spiritual thriller, and other descriptive terms. SECRETS is all of those, and with its richness of concept and depth of meaning, it rewards us newly with each reading.

“For Warchol though, even all that is not enough of a reading experience. He integrates through the novel, and its wondrously eccentric characters, a very special humor, from zany to sublime, that deserves its own adjective: ‘Warcholian.’ The rarified and broad comedy, for me, has parallels only in such authors as Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams’ THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.

The rarified and broad comedy, for me, has parallels only in such authors as Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams’ THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.” ~Paul D. McCarthy, New York Times hardcover bestselling author

Alton raked his swollen fingers through his long, frazzled hair and attempted to smooth out the wrinkles in his white button-down shirt. He always wore a dress shirt, even when hiking, since he felt like attire that was more formal helped him think better. His hair, however, felt too ordered after the raking, so he messed it up alittle. He loved neatness and order, but his hairwas another matter altogether. Wild hair seemed to inspire out-of-the-box thinking. He focused on slowing down his breathing and attempted to look composed for his fellow
Council member.

He watched as his rail-thin friend trudged up to him, wiping the sweat from his glistening, mostly-bald head. When Walter reached Alton, he unfastened his backpack’s hip belt and pushed the pack off his shoulders, letting it slam to the ground. He trudged over to Alton, grimacing as he bent to sit by him on the rock. Walter looked nervous as usual, abruptly shifting his gaze back and forth as he scanned the area. The trials of the past three years had taken their toll. He did his usual routine of checking that the two compasses were still in his left pocket, and the trail map was still in his right pocket. He never used the compasses or the map, but Alton knew the presence of older technologies helped to lessen Walter’s stress level. He knew Walter loved discovering new things, but also knew he found comfort in the simple things, and in the things of the past.

Alton contained a chuckle as Walter checked the notch his pants belt was on, undid the belt, inspected the notch, squeezed his stomach a few times, and finally fastened the belt again after unsuccessfully trying to achieve the next-tighter notch. After a few more tries, he settled on the looser notch position, and let out a loud, halting sigh. Alton rested a hand upon Walter’s shoulder.

“How are you feeling, my friend?”

Walter paused for a few seconds, gasping for air. “Fat and tired.”

“I know it’s been brutal. But we’re getting close.”

“I want to believe that, Alton. But this whole thing is starting to feel like a lost cause.”

Walter paused again, still panting. After a few moments, he was able to eke out a few more words.

“I can taste the disappointment but I can’t spit it out.”

“Hang in there. Today could be the day we find the scroll.”